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Have you ever just sat back and observed your surroundings. Being a high school student and all i feel as if i’m constantly catching myself being caught up in the mainstream events of everything. But every now and then i sit back and watch. I watch how people interact with each other, I watch people lie to one another, I watch how people flirt with one another, and my personal favorite… i watch how people think of themselves. Just the way people walk can tell you what they think of themselves. For instance Slouchers are self loathers, tip toe walkers think their better then everyone else , and flat footers are just people who are to damn lazy to lift their feet. Just spend a day not talking,not interacting, not even staring. Just observe. I dare you.

Last year in cinema we were showered with the releases of bland movies and the occasional Oscar worthy film. As the end of 2011 drew near, The fear of no showstopping performances set in. That is until the world was introduced to My Week With Marilyn. The film is about a young man , Colin Clarke who gets a job as third assistant on the British set of The Prince and The Showgirl, A film about how a grand duke falls for a down on her luck Showgirl.  Meanwhile Colin spends a week with the movie’s star and Americas icon , Marilyn Monroe . Through the week though you watch as America’s sex symbol goes from Ms. Perfect to just another tortured soul.
Let’s start off by saying that this film has earned a full five stars from The Little Hawk. My Week with Marilyn  was lead by an ensemble cast with a triumphant story of how everything is not as it seems. Monroe’s character was played by the gracious Michelle Williams. Williams went above and beyond when it came to being Marilyn. She did not merely imitate her, she embodied her. Williams spent three months talking only in a Marilyn Monroe voice. Scenes in the film in which Monroe is her picture perfect sexual innuendo self are breathtaking while scenes in which we are shown a vulnerable and fragile Marilyn will have you tearing up. Williams most recently won the “Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical Golden Globe Award” and is sure to be a promising nominee for Best Actress in the Oscar race. Williams co-star Kenneth Branagh who plays the cynical potty mouth director and star of the film Laurence Olivier. Branagh’s portrayal of Olivier was tremendous and showstopping. When he was not  lusting over Marilyn’s beauty, he was yelling at everyone about why he is the star of the movie. Branagh also snagged a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor and will likely receive an Oscar nod.
Aside from the films impeccable cast, It also had fantastic Cinematography. The sets were beautiful. When you were not met with the alluring Scotland  countryside, you saw the dazzling scenery of London. The script was amazing with very entertaining dialogue . The chemistry between the actors was that of Jack’s and Rose’s from the Titantic. This movie is a must-see before or during Oscar season. Film poster

I can not get the song “Supertight” from Get him to the Greek out of my fucking head!


"Unless your served in a frosted glass and your name rhymes with Nodca, Don’t come within 4 feet of my lips"

- Karen Walker 

"Evil like charity, starts at home"

- Rico from Hannah Montanna